Episode 3 – “Sad Panda” – 05.25.16

Dan & Faiz take a trip through Takeru’s sadness, Makoto’s angst, and Yuka’s revenge, followed by some listener collection discussion.

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Episode 2 – “Chase’s Fine Ass” – 05.18.16

This week, Dan & Faiz address a couple important topics they forgot about last week, discuss some toy, fashion, & Ghost form news, meet some important new characters in both Ghost & 555 (Faiz), & learn some of their listeners’ favorite Kamen Rider series.

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Episode 1 – “Fashion Rider” – 05.11.16

In the first episode of the podcast, we introduce ourselves and the show, as well as giving those who are new to Kamen Rider a brief history of the franchise. We then launch into discussing the first two episodes of both Kamen Rider Ghost and Kamen Rider 555 (Faiz).

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