Episode 60 – “Death Flag the Anime” – 01.22.18

Returning from a brief post-holiday hiatus, Dan is joined by Destiny Amber, who has some very exciting news! We get into some cosplays she’s developing, what toku we’ve been watching, and chat a bit about our excitement for Lupinranger vs Patoranger. Slow news month, but Banana’s carrying a torch, and we have new Ex-Aid theme music!

There are three episodes of Build to catch up on (17, 18, & 19), and they introduce us to four exciting new characters. Hope they all stick around! And Misora shocks us at the end!!

For Listener Feedback, we’ll find out which actors and actresses you’d like to see return to Kamen Rider, but cast in a new role!

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Episode 59 – “On the Down-and-Down” – 01.02.18

Dan & Faiz start the new year off right with a brand new podcast. Faiz is wrapping up her winter break, and Dan gives his first impressions of both Kamen Rider Blade AND Kamen Rider Wizard!

Build 16 was the Christmas episode, and *SHOCK* Toei brought us another death… in a way. And we dust of 555 for episode 14 and try and fail to hide our disdain for Kusaka.

Then in Listener Feedback, we all make a big ol’ list of what toku we plan to watch for the first time this year!

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