Episode 131 – “Vibes Dude” – 03.25.20

This week on Rider Love, well… we’re here, and that’s something. It’s been a rough few weeks as you all know, but we’re glad to have Kamen Rider to distract us. We check back in with Zero-One 23 & 24 in which ladies lust after robots and Izu teaches us some swears. Not one but TWO new tokusatsu streaming services have come to light. And Dan got a Switch so you know his tongue’s primed and ready!

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Episode 130 – “Powerful Eyebrows” – 02.26.20

This week on Rider Love, Dan takes Faiz to court! Or rather we’re both on the jury for Zero-One 21 & 22 as our Kyuranger husband gets his Phoenix Wright on. We’ve got lots of news to catch up on, including new forms in Spoilers. And in Listener Feedback, you tell us about your dream Kamen Rider/Hello Kitty collabs!

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Obligatory Monsta X plug:

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