Episode 122 – “Moo Train” – 12.08.19

This week on Rider Love… HOO BOY, it’s been a minute. Dan & TokuSwag catch up on a whole bunch of toy news, including CSM announcements and that exciting THE HENSHIN event, plus we’ve got Zero-One scans, a couple trailers, and new Riders! Then we hop aboard the Moo Moo Express in Den-O 18-20* and meet an angsty child and his mother.

*Zero-One episode coverage will resume VERY soon.

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Episode 121 – “Resting Ankh Face” – 11.06.19

This week on Rider Love, Dan & Faiz come in from out of the cold to catch up on all things Rider, but more importantly, the dramatic goings-on of the Kpop world. No really, we’re devastated. But we get back on track eventually. There are lots of KR toys being teased, at Tamashii Nations and elsewhere. Plus we’ve got winter movie forms, cast, AND a teaser! Then it’s on to Zero-One episodes 7 & 8 where we meet our stealth new favorite character, get scarred by ear holes, and Fuwa dies. RIP.

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Bittersweet Monsta X comeback…:

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Episode 120 – “McGruff the Crime Dog” – 10.12.19

This week on Rider Love*, Dan invites TokuSwag over to speculate on HumaGear relationships and get HER impressions of our new kids thus far in Zero-One episode 6. Then we each throw on a couple hats and thirst after yet more wolves in Den-O 17!

*This one’s been on the hard drive for a bit, so events might not be the most topical… like discussion of the “currently happening” Japanese typhoon for instance.

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Episode 119 – “EEEnchiladas” – 10.02.19

This week on Rider Love, we tackle Zero-One episodes 4 & 5, in which we learn more about Daybreak Town (NOT just a location in Kingdom Hearts) and speculate on the nebulous relationship between Jim & Horobi. We also hold a Kamen Rider job fair in Listener Feedback, but be prepared for things to go a bit off the rails. People won’t stop interrupting us!

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Episode 118 – “Scissormenz” – 09.18.19

This week on Rider Love, we get our first tertiary female Kamen Rider EVER in Zero-One episode 3. With Valkyrie, Izu, and the excellent Shesta, the ladies this year are looking STRONG. Plus we finally have an OP, so TMR should be happy. Then we get trapped in a bathhouse for Den-O 15 & 16, and there’s a surprising happy ending!

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Episode 117 – “Pizza Rat” – 9.11.19

This week on Rider Love, we bask in the warmish glow of the very first Reiwa Rider, Kamen Rider Zero-One! We’ll spend an inordinate amount of time breaking down episodes 1 & 2, picking our new faves and trying to understand Aruto’s terrible jokes. Then it’s time to find out what y’all thought of the premiere in Listener Feedback! Plus some Scans leaked and we get a peak at ANOTHER Rider?! Oooooooh

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Episode 116 – “Sougo’s Longest Yeah Boy” – 09.04.19

This week on Rider Love, it feels like it’s been a LONG year, but we’re finally here! It’s our Zi-O finale podcast!! We’ll send the series off in grand (Zi-O) style as we discuss the last episode, Zi-O 49. Then, we suit up and present the 2019 Rider Love Awards, as voted by you! Rounding things out, we’ll read your Listener Feedback about the series as a whole. Oh, and we briefly mention the Zero-One premiere in Spoilers, but more on that next week. Iwae!!

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2019 Rider Love Awards!

Screen Shot 2018-08-13 at 7.50.30 PM

It’s that time of year again… Kamen Rider Zi-O has come to an end, which means we need YOU to cast your vote in the Rider Love Awards!

As before, you get to choose things like your favorite characters and suits, but the bizarreness of Zi-O has thrown in some interesting wrinkles. Cast your vote today, and we’ll announce the winners of each category on our next podcast!

Voting will end at Midnight EST on Tuesday, September 3rd. VOTE NOW

And don’t forget, we also need your responses to the Listener Feedback question: What are your final thoughts on Kamen Rider Zi-O as a series; its plot, characters, role as the last Heisei series, etc.?” You can submit those on our Twitter or at our Email.

Episode 115 – “They’re Divorced or Something” – 08.21.19

This week on Rider Love, we discuss the return of the beautiful Chase and surprise reveal of Kamen Rider Tsukuyomi in Zi-O 47 & 48! There’s been an announcement about the Zero-One theme song, and we finally get back to Den-O 14 before things get crazy. Open a jar of sea pickles to enjoy while you listen!

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Episode 114 – “AquaMike” – 8.14.19

This week on Rider Love, we’re almost to the end of Kamen Rider Zi-O! We discuss episodes 44-46 (the Movie Rider arc), and things go DOWN. We’re still bummed about the character development the Time Jackers received, but HOO BOY, do past Dan & Faiz have no idea what’s coming in reference to Tsukuyomi… but more that next time. For now, we’ll celebrate the announcement of Zero-One’s suit actor (thank you for your years of service, Mr. Kamen Rider), and all the other important news of the week. Whip out your lucky undies, and join us for the fun!

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