Episode 20 – “Cruella Dan Vil” – 01.20.17

It’s finally time to address the unfortunate passing of one of our favorite characters in recent memory, and Dan & Faiz are up for the task! We discuss Ex-Aid episodes 11, 12, & 13, as well as some of the recently revealed Legend Rider gashats. We’ll also delve into your feelings about character deaths in Kamen Rider. Plus, things may sound JUST a little different. We hope you like it!

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Episode 19 – “Gekitotsu Rowboats” – 01.06.17

Faiz & Dan are all recovered from last week’s Bugster outbreak and full of energy to talk some Ex-Aid! In the news, we have a gay ship SORT of confirmed, Kiriya’s actor has a message for his fans, and you can write fan-mail to Kuroto Dan! In episodes 8, 9, & 10 of Ex-Aid, we get our last level 3 and then jump straight to level 5. We also might take our love of the Dan/Parad ship too far? You decide! In listener feedback, we rank the level 3 forms.

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