Episode 35 – “Nuevo Kuroto” – 05.24.17

Rider Love welcomes its first international guest! Dan is joined by Alan [no, not the takoyaki prince, but rather Kamen Rider (G)Lover].

It’s a light news week this week, mainly toys, which means we’ll get sidetracked a bit by Doctor Who and other geekery. But we’re very excited to dive into the latest two episodes of Ex-Aid (31 & 32) in which we learn the means by which our buddy “Nuevo Kuroto” has returned to us. We also welcome the return of another member of the Dan family and get lots of crackly Mountain Dew energy goodness! Rounding things out, we discuss your thoughts on foreign actors in Kamen Rider. Shh!

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Episode 34 – “Millennial Catnip” – 05.17.17

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Dan & Faiz brave thunder and an oncoming tornado (okay that might be overdramatizing it a BIT) to bring you another podcast!

This week we witness the “Final Battle” between Emu and M in Ex-Aid 30, as well as welcoming back our favorite tight-pantsed psychopath! In Ghost 43 & 44, as we near the end, Onari begins to question his usefulness to the team, which makes for some VERY over-the-top and entertaining moments. Finally, in Feedback, we’ll discover what historical figures you would choose for your own personal Eyecon collection.

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Episode 33 – “Sandwich” – 05.11.17

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Dan & Faiz celebrate 1 YEAR of podcasting the only way we know how… drooling over shirtless men and thinking about how hungry we are! We try to work out the logistics of the recent “M” revelation in Ex-Aid 29, and watch as our friends in Ghost 41 & 42 have a Gramps-shaped revelation of their own. Wrapping things up, it’s all about music in Listener Feedback.

Thank you, Rider Lovers, for an awesome first year, and here’s to many more years of silliness! ❤

Kiriya (●♡∀♡)

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Episode 32 – “Quality Beef” – 05.03.17

You know the drill by now. When Faiz and I haven’t talked for a while, things can get a little crazy. This week, it’s all about Taiga’s palm on Emu’s firm tush! But no, there’s lots of other stuff to talk about. There’s the fall of Nyaa, the first hints of the summer Ex-Aid movie, and some sparkling, delicious new Mountain Dew flavored scans! In Ep Discussion, it’s all about Ghost this week (39 & 40), and we have some opinions on Dark Necrom P. Plus there’s some awkward body-swapping and movie tie-ins. Feedback is quite girthy because everyone loves talking about hopes and possibilities for the next series. Gashit!

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The slap heard round the hospital:

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