Episode 63 – “Beef Morphers” – 02.19.18

Who’s ready to get FUNKY?! Destiny Amber joins Dan to break down all the happenings in toku this week, including a lot of surprising Power Rangers news! We also give our initial impressions of the newest Super Sentai season, Lupinranger vs Patoranger, and Dan comes bearing his final thoughts on Kamen Rider Wizard.

Build episodes 22 & 23 do it to us again, hitting us right in those tender spots. But we do get to meet two new gents and feast our eyes on THREE lovely new suits!

Rounding things out with Listener Feedback we take a look at some of your toy collections, and discuss your methods of managing them.

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Episode 62 – “Gay for Science” – 02.10.18

Our other resident Amber (@tokuswag) joins Dan to catch up on shows, toys, and most importantly, Grease! News is filled with Kitties (of the Hello variety), and even MORE toys. Plus we’ve seen like a dozen new Build forms that we’re going to have to dissect on the Spoiler Train.

Build 21 was certainly a tough one to live through, but we’re able to find the fun. And it’s even EASIER with Part 1 of ‘Raising the Hazard Level’ where Sento and Utsumi get REAL excited!

And in Listener Feedback, we’ll all send Misora and Banjo on some friend dates and catch up on more past topics.

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Episode 61 – “Thomas Fujita” – 01.30.18

February starts with a bang as Dan & Faiz tackle a massive amount of News and Spoilers. Lots of little bits of news lead us into spoilers for Build, including new characters and new forms, plus trailers for that Rogue spin-off and the Amazons movie. It’s also the 15th Faiziversary!

Things are getting hazardous in Build 20 as we juuuust get a peak at that new form. More on that next time! And 555 episode 15 has us question Orphenoch physiology AND morality.

Then in Feedback, we find out what sorts of Kamen Riders tickle your fancy!

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