APRIL FOOLS – Episode 28 – “What a Polite Bug”

It’s just a normal week here at Rider Love, with Dan & Fact doing what they always do, discussing the 90’s Fox Kids series, Saban’s Masked Rider! It’s the American adaptation of some Japanese show called… Kamen Rider? Anyway, it’s a lot of fun. There are furry duck creatures, sultry automobiles, polite bugs, and all the juice boxes you can eat.

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April Fools

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Episode 27 – “Our Beautiful Large Son” – 03.24.17

Dan & Faiz bid farewell to Dan “The Man” Kuroto in Ex-Aid 23, and while we disagree about a few things in the episode, we can all agree Big Boy is Beautiful™. Speaking of Beautiful (Monsta X *cough cough*) it’s idol week here on Rider Love, and that means Akari’s joining a Jpop group in Ghost 36 & 37! We also get your feedback on Ex-Aid, taste some possible yummy sushi-man rider, and much more!

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The Kpop perfection that is Monsta X:

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Episode 26 – “Surprise for Faiz” – 03.17.17

Dan has been keeping a secret from Faiz for WEEKS and can finally let it out! There’s a whole lot of episode to discuss as Dan “The Man” Kuroto goes off the deep end in Ex-Aid 22, and we dress up in our finest fairy tale dresses for Ghost 34 & 35. We also get a chance to chat a little about Amazons season 2, Kpop comes up a few times, and Dan’s cat makes a guest appearance. And in feedback, we find out your hopes for next week’s Kyuranger/Ex-Aid Spring crossover episodes.

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Episode 25 – “Nautical Bosom” – 03.07.17

Dan is joined by yet ANOTHER Amber (Destiny Amber to be exact) to discuss the exciting announcement of Amazons Season 2, the extremely spoilery identities of the Gorider cast, as well as Amber’s involvement in cosplay. There’s no shortage of thirsting as we dive all sweaty and bandaged into Ex-Aid episodes 20 & 21, and in feedback we’ll discuss some of the places you can go online to become a part of the greater tokusatsu community.

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Photo by ShadowFX Productions

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