Episode 31 – “Nico & Tamera” – 04.24.17

Dan is joined by Amber2 (DestinyAmber) to discuss her recent convention fun and lots of other Kamen Rider happenings. There’s actor news, new toy announcements, and as usual, another round of Ex-Aid scans to drool over. In episode discussion, Nico finally gets her moment to shine (Ex-Aid 27), and Poppy has a pretty rough day (Ex-Aid 28). Plus there’s a pretty intriguing cliffhanger which we can’t WAIT to see resolved. Then to round things out, we’ll go through your cosplay aspirations and just have a general good old time!

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Episode 30 – “Popepipu Punishment” – 04.15.17

Amber (TokuSwag) is here to help Dan break down a couple new episodes of Ex-Aid. We meet the Gumba Heads in episode 25, and Kamen Rider Poppy gives the boys a beating in 26! There are new toy scans to look over, birthdays to celebrate, and countless Japan trips to plan. Pour yourself a bowl of Poppy Puffs and join us!

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Episode 29 – “Either Way, I Ship It” – 04.06.17

Don’t worry! Dan & Faiz are back to talk Kamen Rider. No more Masked Rider… at least for a year. It’s time for the Spring KR/Sentai crossover with Ex-Aid 24. The cross-over wasn’t much, but it also brings an end to the first half of Ex-Aid, and we love every minute of it (especially Ren!). In Ghost 38, we celebrate Takeru’s many dads and the resurgence of the best Ghost ship. There’s an April Fools roundup in news, along with even more Ex-Aid scans. And finally, we have a mammoth feedback section talking all about YOUR fantasy Kamen Sentai GoRider teams. Ore wa STRONGEST!

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