Episode 112 – “Zero-One’s Babysitter” – 07.17.19

This week on Rider Love, it’s all Zero-One, all the time!!! In addition to the toy catalog scans being in the wild, they surprised us with a livestream press conference that included a cast reveal & trailer far earlier than we expected. We just HAD to jump on the mic and break it all down. Plus we couldn’t wait to hear YOUR initial thoughts on the next Kamen Rider in Listener Feedback!

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Bonus: Faiz’s long-haired bae

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Episode 111 – “Defcon Candy” – 07.03.19

This week on Rider Love, Dan & TokuSwag take a break from Den-O to… talk about Den-O in Zi-O episodes 39 & 40! As a matter of fact, we’re feeling so much sandy demon love, we decided to ask you all which Imagins YOU most identify with in Listener Feedback. Rest your wrist on your Chase mousepad and away we go!

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Episode 110 – “Bog Water Bros” – 06.26.19

This week on Rider Love, Faiz & Dan chat about two of their favorite things in the world, goth dudes and gremlin children! Those come to us in the form of the hellish Hopper Bros in Zi-O 37 & 38, and the unpredictable Ryutaros in Den-O episode 13. We’ve seen some nifty things in the latest round of Zi-O magazine scans, Dan insists on bringing up more Zero-One rumors, and Faiz teaches us how one becomes a kappa, whether we want to our not.

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Obligatory Monsta X plug:

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