Episode 110 – “Bog Water Bros” – 06.26.19

This week on Rider Love, Faiz & Dan chat about two of their favorite things in the world, goth dudes and gremlin children! Those come to us in the form of the hellish Hopper Bros in Zi-O 37 & 38, and the unpredictable Ryutaros in Den-O episode 13. We’ve seen some nifty things in the latest round of Zi-O magazine scans, Dan insists on bringing up more Zero-One rumors, and Faiz teaches us how one becomes a kappa, whether we want to our not.

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Obligatory Monsta X plug:

1:07 – Opening

22:24 – News

46:25 – Spoiler Train!

1:01:32 – Zi-O 37 & 38

1:48:10 – Den-O 13

2:03:56 – Listener Feedback

Watch along with us! Zi-O 37 & 38Den-O 13


Spoiler Train!

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