Episode 39 – “Kiriya Costume Changeeeeee” – 06.27.17

It’s Hayato Isomura Week as we celebrate his birthday and CONTINUE to rejoice in Kiriya’s return to Ex-Aid! There are scans for Ex-Aid, teasers (and rumors) for Build, and a sequel to W?! Hopefully we’ll know more on that next week. Ex-Aid 36 debuts a beautiful golden-boy final form as we question Kiriya’s TRUE motives. And we FINALLY close out a series proper with Ghost 50 and the mysterious emo child. Then we climb a mountain of feedback about your favorite Kamen Rider final forms!

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Episode 38 – “Hot Potatoes” – 06.20.17

Dan & Faiz go through a range of emotions this week, as we finally wrap up the main arc of Ghost with episodes 47, 48, & 49! We do some more contemplation about crooked teeth, love up on our Monsta X dudes, and as it’s been a slow news week, we go through some Kamen Rider video game mods! We’ll also find out what age YOU think is ideal for a KR protagonist. All that, plus talk about soup and pizza. Everyone’s doing their best!

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Obligatory Monsta X plug:

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Episode 37 – “Kamen Rider Bob Ross” – 06.14.17

Rumor Season continues! Faiz and Dan have learned a few more (POSSIBLE) tidbits about the next series, Kamen Rider Build, as well as some more glimpses of the Summer Ex-Aid movie. You knew we’d be excited about the return of our dear departed bike in Ex-Aid 35, and we’re so so very close to finishing up Ghost with 45 & 46Before all that, talk a little about about Faiz’s E3-obsessed week, as well as Dan’s recent viewing of the Heisei Generations movie, and (far too briefly) Graphite’s bod! And in Listener Feedback, we’ll discover what other shows YOU would use to describe your favorite Kamen Rider series!

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Episode 36 – “Corn Godzilla” – 06.06.17

It’s our favorite time of the year here at Rider Love, next series rumor time! Dan & Faiz have probably our biggest Spoiler Section yet, as we have all the “Build” rumors to speculate about, in addition to MORE Ex-Aid scans and summer movie info. Ex-Aid 33 & 34 are full of tears and betrayal, but there’s a hint of a beautiful yellow boy at the end! To round things off, we’ll discuss our listeners’ favorite Showa Riders. All that and a WHOLE lot of giggling, on this week’s episode!

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