Episode 37 – “Kamen Rider Bob Ross” – 06.14.17

Rumor Season continues! Faiz and Dan have learned a few more (POSSIBLE) tidbits about the next series, Kamen Rider Build, as well as some more glimpses of the Summer Ex-Aid movie. You knew we’d be excited about the return of our dear departed bike in Ex-Aid 35, and we’re so so very close to finishing up Ghost with 45 & 46Before all that, talk a little about about Faiz’s E3-obsessed week, as well as Dan’s recent viewing of the Heisei Generations movie, and (far too briefly) Graphite’s bod! And in Listener Feedback, we’ll discover what other shows YOU would use to describe your favorite Kamen Rider series!

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1:01 – Opening

15:25 – Birthdays

19:36 – News

24:20 – Spoilery News

40:46 – Ex-Aid 35

1:27:16 – Ghost 45 & 46

2:12:13 – Listener Feedback

Watch along with us! Kamen Rider Ex-Aid 35 (streaming), Ghost 45 & 46 (streaming)


Daichi Miura Singing Theme for Summer Movie

RUMOR: “Legend Rider History” sofubi line?

Spoiler Train!

More Build Rumors!

Muteki Transformation Sneak Peak

Summer Movie Press Conference

Summer Movie Trailer

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Theme song provided by Eric Skiff through Creative Commons License. For more great 8-bit tunes visit www.glitchnyc.com/music


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