Episode 42 – “Fire Emoji” – 07.25.17

Our excitement for Build continues to uh… build… as Dan & Faiz discover the initial creative staff behind the series as well as a few follow-up toy catalog scans.

Ex-Aid 39 takes a cruel turn as we say goodbye(?) to the floofiest Bugster to ever grace this Earth. And can you believe it?! We’re returning to our roots with Kamen Rider 555 episode 11! It’s been more than a full year, but it feels good to be home. Plus there’s an adorable dog!

Suit actor Seiji Takaiwa is the topic of Listener Feedback, as we find out your feelings on his extended tenure. Bunny!!

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Episode 41 – “Build Bonanza” – 07.18.17

Kamen Rider Build is revealed! This is bound to be our favorite podcast every year. There’s just so much to speculate about! That’s probably why we spend well more than half of the episode talking about it. Forms, suits, weapons, story details. They just dumped so much on us at once!

But in ADDITION to all that, Ex-Aid continues, as we make our way through episodes 37 & 38. There’s redemption, tears, possible new friendships blooming.

Then it’s back to more Build talk in Feedback. You’re just as excited as we are. If you know what an aglet is, do a dance!

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Episode 40 – “Strong Grandpa” – 07.10.17

It’s finally here! Our discussion of the 2016 movie, ‘Kamen Rider Ichigo’! Dan & Faiz have plenty of love to share as our pals, the Ghost crew, team up with the O.G. Kamen Rider, Takeshi Hongo! They’ll battle the forces of Shocker, and we’ll discover a whole array of comical new kinks we didn’t know we had.

There’s news too! Rider has a new time slot, and what could that possibly mean? Plus, we go over a few last minute rumor morsels before Build is officially revealed, as well as that recently announced manga sequel to W. And we get FAR too excited about a mailman’s birthday. EEE!!!

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