Episode 85 – “Mischievous on Main” – 09.21.18

Faiz is back again, so we finally get to hear HER thoughts on these beginning stages of Zi-O. And there’s lots of fashion and delicacies to analyze for like… 30 minutes. Forgive us.

Zi-O episode 3 takes us back a couple years to reunite with some pretty rad doctors/gamers. 555 episodes 29 & 30 continue to frustrate us with how terrible Kusaka is. At least we get some horsey love out of it!

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Episode 84 – “Slutty Arm Cutouts” – 09.12.18

It’s becoming a tradition, as DestinyAmber joins Dan to ring in a new series with Kamen Rider Zi-O! We’ve got a fair bit of news to get through as well, including the shocking revelation of Japan’s favorite Heisei Rider series. :-O

There’s so much to talk about with Zi-O episodes 1 & 2. New characters, suits, and more confusing plot that you can shake a Flintstone’s Push-Up at. Oh and we briefly throw 1.5 & 2.5 in there as well.

As always, we need to find out what you thought in Listener Feedback. And boy oh boy, did you deliver.

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Episode 83 – “Evil Shrimp Man” – 08.31.18

It’s true what they say, all good things must come to an end. This week, that means Kamen Rider Build. T_T It’s time to say farewell to Sento, Banjo, Misora, and all of our pals. But Zi-O is also in full gear already, so we’ll give just the briefest of initial reactions, plus lots of spoilery news.

Build 49 rounds off the series beautifully, and leaves us with so many questions about the future of this world!

It wouldn’t be a finale podcast without you’re say. We’ve held the first ever annual Rider Love Awards, where we’ll present some lovely purple trophies to the characters of Build based on your votes! And we had a lot of Listener Feedback based around this final episode and the series as a whole.

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