Episode 58 – “Reginald J. Pac” – 12.26.17

This week, Dan & Faiz are recovering from our Christmas festivities. There was some general toku-actor-cast-in-stuff news ALONG WITH an exciting surprise Build casting!

We finally made it around to the Ex-Aid/Ghost/Drive/Wizard/Gaim movie featuring Pac-Man from over a year ago! You can listen to us try to remember things and get reacquainted with all of our friends, and meet a couple new ones.

As for Feedback, we’ll get your thoughts on the discontinuation of the Super Hero Taisen movies. Get yourself some gravy and settle in.

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Episode 54 – “Honey Nut Feelios” – 11.10.17

With Build having taken the week off for (of all things) a relay race, it’s the perfect opportunity for Dan & Faiz to return to their Ghost roots and catch up with one of those movies we never saw! It’s not one of our favorites (through no fault of the cast), but them Ghost feels always get us.

Dan’s actually watched a few eps of Kabuto this week, so Faiz can once again warn him of the craziness to come. And it’s not a big news week, but we somehow find a way to talk at length, including those spoilery Build forms we’re looking forward to this month.

Finally, we were way past due naming our heart-headed bug-child, so we turned to YOU guys in Feedback for some help! ❤

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Obligatory Monsta X plug:

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Episode 40 – “Strong Grandpa” – 07.10.17

It’s finally here! Our discussion of the 2016 movie, ‘Kamen Rider Ichigo’! Dan & Faiz have plenty of love to share as our pals, the Ghost crew, team up with the O.G. Kamen Rider, Takeshi Hongo! They’ll battle the forces of Shocker, and we’ll discover a whole array of comical new kinks we didn’t know we had.

There’s news too! Rider has a new time slot, and what could that possibly mean? Plus, we go over a few last minute rumor morsels before Build is officially revealed, as well as that recently announced manga sequel to W. And we get FAR too excited about a mailman’s birthday. EEE!!!

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Episode 39 – “Kiriya Costume Changeeeeee” – 06.27.17

It’s Hayato Isomura Week as we celebrate his birthday and CONTINUE to rejoice in Kiriya’s return to Ex-Aid! There are scans for Ex-Aid, teasers (and rumors) for Build, and a sequel to W?! Hopefully we’ll know more on that next week. Ex-Aid 36 debuts a beautiful golden-boy final form as we question Kiriya’s TRUE motives. And we FINALLY close out a series proper with Ghost 50 and the mysterious emo child. Then we climb a mountain of feedback about your favorite Kamen Rider final forms!

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Episode 38 – “Hot Potatoes” – 06.20.17

Dan & Faiz go through a range of emotions this week, as we finally wrap up the main arc of Ghost with episodes 47, 48, & 49! We do some more contemplation about crooked teeth, love up on our Monsta X dudes, and as it’s been a slow news week, we go through some Kamen Rider video game mods! We’ll also find out what age YOU think is ideal for a KR protagonist. All that, plus talk about soup and pizza. Everyone’s doing their best!

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Obligatory Monsta X plug:

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Episode 37 – “Kamen Rider Bob Ross” – 06.14.17

Rumor Season continues! Faiz and Dan have learned a few more (POSSIBLE) tidbits about the next series, Kamen Rider Build, as well as some more glimpses of the Summer Ex-Aid movie. You knew we’d be excited about the return of our dear departed bike in Ex-Aid 35, and we’re so so very close to finishing up Ghost with 45 & 46Before all that, talk a little about about Faiz’s E3-obsessed week, as well as Dan’s recent viewing of the Heisei Generations movie, and (far too briefly) Graphite’s bod! And in Listener Feedback, we’ll discover what other shows YOU would use to describe your favorite Kamen Rider series!

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Episode 34 – “Millennial Catnip” – 05.17.17

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Dan & Faiz brave thunder and an oncoming tornado (okay that might be overdramatizing it a BIT) to bring you another podcast!

This week we witness the “Final Battle” between Emu and M in Ex-Aid 30, as well as welcoming back our favorite tight-pantsed psychopath! In Ghost 43 & 44, as we near the end, Onari begins to question his usefulness to the team, which makes for some VERY over-the-top and entertaining moments. Finally, in Feedback, we’ll discover what historical figures you would choose for your own personal Eyecon collection.

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Episode 33 – “Sandwich” – 05.11.17

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Dan & Faiz celebrate 1 YEAR of podcasting the only way we know how… drooling over shirtless men and thinking about how hungry we are! We try to work out the logistics of the recent “M” revelation in Ex-Aid 29, and watch as our friends in Ghost 41 & 42 have a Gramps-shaped revelation of their own. Wrapping things up, it’s all about music in Listener Feedback.

Thank you, Rider Lovers, for an awesome first year, and here’s to many more years of silliness! ❤

Kiriya (●♡∀♡)

0 (2)

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Episode 32 – “Quality Beef” – 05.03.17

You know the drill by now. When Faiz and I haven’t talked for a while, things can get a little crazy. This week, it’s all about Taiga’s palm on Emu’s firm tush! But no, there’s lots of other stuff to talk about. There’s the fall of Nyaa, the first hints of the summer Ex-Aid movie, and some sparkling, delicious new Mountain Dew flavored scans! In Ep Discussion, it’s all about Ghost this week (39 & 40), and we have some opinions on Dark Necrom P. Plus there’s some awkward body-swapping and movie tie-ins. Feedback is quite girthy because everyone loves talking about hopes and possibilities for the next series. Gashit!

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The slap heard round the hospital:

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Episode 27 – “Our Beautiful Large Son” – 03.24.17

Dan & Faiz bid farewell to Dan “The Man” Kuroto in Ex-Aid 23, and while we disagree about a few things in the episode, we can all agree Big Boy is Beautiful™. Speaking of Beautiful (Monsta X *cough cough*) it’s idol week here on Rider Love, and that means Akari’s joining a Jpop group in Ghost 36 & 37! We also get your feedback on Ex-Aid, taste some possible yummy sushi-man rider, and much more!

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The Kpop perfection that is Monsta X:

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