Podcast Update

Message from Dan:

Hey Rider Lovers. Obviously it’s been a bit since we’ve released an episode, and I wanted to pop in and give you an update. I don’t have to tell you this has been a difficult year, and as we’re nearing the end of it, I’m realizing just how burned out I am by everything. Because of this, the podcast will be taking an extended break. I need to relax, recharge, and refocus my attention for a while. We hope to rejoin you before TOO long in on form or another. Thank you as always for your support.


Rider Love Awards!

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Introducing the first annual Rider Love Awards!

This year, in addition to asking your final thoughts on Kamen Rider Build when that comes around, we’d love it if you could submit your votes in a few quick categories (including favorite characters, forms, and some other fun and silly things). We’ll announce the winners of these categories on our Build finale podcast.

Voting will end in two weeks, on Wednesday, August 29.

So please, if you’d be so kind, head on over and VOTE for your favorites!

Also FYI, because of schedules (and Build taking a week off) we did not record a podcast last week, but will be back again this Saturday to suffer through Build 47 with you. 

Episode 48 – “Dragon Feet” – 09.11.17

DestinyAmber helps Dan welcome the “Best Match Boys” in style as we begin the experiment that is Kamen Rider Build! She also tells us of her recent trip to Japan World Heroes, in particular the exciting opportunity to meet one-half of Kamen Rider W himself, Renn Kiriyama!

Gel up your hair, and leave your fly unzipped, because Build episodes 1 & 2 are a crazy ride! We’ve already got our favorites, and there’s so much to speculate about (namely that smoky, leather chap, Night Rogue!)

We end with Feedback, and YOUR opinions of Build’s opening chapters, and we even hear from one particular supreme empress who is absent from this week’s podcast! *bunny emoticon*

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Episode 33 – “Sandwich” – 05.11.17

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Dan & Faiz celebrate 1 YEAR of podcasting the only way we know how… drooling over shirtless men and thinking about how hungry we are! We try to work out the logistics of the recent “M” revelation in Ex-Aid 29, and watch as our friends in Ghost 41 & 42 have a Gramps-shaped revelation of their own. Wrapping things up, it’s all about music in Listener Feedback.

Thank you, Rider Lovers, for an awesome first year, and here’s to many more years of silliness! ❤

Kiriya (●♡∀♡)

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