Episode 83 – “Evil Shrimp Man” – 08.31.18

It’s true what they say, all good things must come to an end. This week, that means Kamen Rider Build. T_T It’s time to say farewell to Sento, Banjo, Misora, and all of our pals. But Zi-O is also in full gear already, so we’ll give just the briefest of initial reactions, plus lots of spoilery news.

Build 49 rounds off the series beautifully, and leaves us with so many questions about the future of this world!

It wouldn’t be a finale podcast without you’re say. We’ve held the first ever annual Rider Love Awards, where we’ll present some lovely purple trophies to the characters of Build based on your votes! And we had a lot of Listener Feedback based around this final episode and the series as a whole.

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Episode 82 – “Cover Those Nips” – 08.24.18

Fresh back Power Morphicon, Destiny Amber joins Dan & Faiz to let them know about all the fun they missed out on! From Ranger reveals to cosplay to meet-ups, it sounds like it was a blast. A few more Zi-O details have surfaced, and it’s hard to believe we’re only a week away!

Build 48 continues the grief train, but we’ll cheer Gentoku on with the rest of the population. And 555 28 really kicks this into high gear! We finally meet Kitazaki after two million years. About time!

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Episode 81 – “Y’All Got Any Boys?” – 08.17.18

Build (and this podcast) return from a week off to a rather depressing episode of Kamen Rider! But don’t worry, there’s still plenty to be excited about and lift our spirits. First, we announce the Rider Love Awards! Then we do a quick look back at our first impressions of the Build cast when they were announced a year ago, followed by our first look of the Kamen Rider Zi-O cast, characters, and trailer!

Build 47… was a rough one, but it was a beautiful acted AND directed episode. 555 27 on the other hand, had some evil jerks, but also a hot guy, so yay!

And in Listener Feedback, we get YOUR first impressions of the Zi-O cast reveal.

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Episode 80 – “My Bisexual Heart” – 08.03.18

Dan & Faiz are joined by CoolDownNow, longtime contributor, and first-time guest! The Kamen Rider Zi-O news and driver sound bites continue to roll in, and you bet your ass we spend our time on it, along with every other bit of news that dropped this week.

Build 46 sure knows how to play with the emotions. There are fake dead buddies, SO many men that should kiss, and ominous foreshadowing for our greasy potato pal.

And the Build talk continues in Listener Feedback as we ask how YOU’D like to see the series end!

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Episode 79 – “Orph Daddy” – 07.28.18

Zi-O has been “officially” announced, so we know the general plot, the names of some of the production staff, and we’ve got oodles of new magazine scans!

Build 45 goes all Super Saiyan on our asses, as Evolt gets even sexier. And 555 25 & 26 introduce us to TWO exciting new Orphenochs we can’t wait to get to know more!

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Episode 78 – “Zi-O Jamboree” – 07.20.18

It’s our favorite podcast of the year! And not only because it’s the anniversary of Faiz’s birth. The Kamen Rider Zi-O toy scans are here, and we spend over an hour talking through it in obsessive detail, as well as getting YOUR thoughts on Zi-O in Listener Feedback! We also discuss Build 44, and Dan pressures Faiz to lick things live on the internet!

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Episode 77 – “Craving Salisbury Steak” – 07.10.18

Peyton’s back! And this time it’s with Dan AND Faiz! We speed through all the stuff we’ve been watching (OOO, Stronger, Agito, Ultramen Mebius & Lube) to get to the important stuff, Kamen Rider Zi-O’s face!!*

In Build 42 & 43, Sento becomes just one of a long line of Riders with daddy issues, even within his own series, and Gentoku finally settles on a reasonable (yet still hilarious) fashion choice.

And Listener Feedback is chock full of YOUR Zi-O face reactions!

*Important note: All we’ve seen at the time of recording is the face and upper torso. The rest of the recent reveals will be discussed… NEXT week! ^_^

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Episode 76 – “Emotional Orgasm” – 06.29.18

Dan & Faiz tear themselves away from binging Terrace House long enough to record a podcast! And we’ve got some exciting stuff this week. There are new Build Scans and along with them, a better look at Kamen Rider Zi-O’s silhouette!

Build 41 sees Evolt having an emotional awaken of sorts, and in 555 24, PunchHopper is a bunny. That’s right. A demonic bunny.

And in Listener Feedback, we discuss what YOU guys are looking forward to seeing in those upcoming Zi-O reveals!

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Episode 75 – “Greasy Rainbows” – 06.20.18

THIS week on Rider Love, Dan & Faiz are here! It’s been a week… but what else is new? Dan’s watched the Ex-Aid ‘Another Ending’ Trilogy, Faiz got consumed by E3, and we’ve BOTH become obsessed with Terrace House!

Unfortunately, there was a death in the Build crew this week. That kicks off quite a big slate of news, and that leads into taking a look at that Zi-O silhouette teaser! He’s bald. Maybe. AND there are rumors! And you know how much we like those.

Build 39 & 40 feature creepy Utsumi, CREEPIER Gentoku, and all the mushy bro love you can handle. And in 555 23, Kusaka crosses a line. I’m going to go watch more Terrace House.

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Episode 74 – “Takumi Squared” – 06.05.18

Faiz is back from MomoCon! She had a blast and we’re ready to dive back into some Kamen Rider. BUT FIRST, let’s talk a little about shipping, shall we? There’s some casting and product news, along with just the tiniest morsel for the next series. Honestly, just confirming that it exists basically. Hopefully more next time?

Build 37 & 38 give us a whole slew of sexy new repaints, boys in other boys’ clothes, beat up gents, and they try to craft Kuroto Dan 2.0. Will they succeed? We’ll see! And speaking of shipping, 555 22 has more confessions and love triangles than you can shake a stick at.

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