Episode 77 – “Craving Salisbury Steak” – 07.10.18

Peyton’s back! And this time it’s with Dan AND Faiz! We speed through all the stuff we’ve been watching (OOO, Stronger, Agito, Ultramen Mebius & Lube) to get to the important stuff, Kamen Rider Zi-O’s face!!*

In Build 42 & 43, Sento becomes just one of a long line of Riders with daddy issues, even within his own series, and Gentoku finally settles on a reasonable (yet still hilarious) fashion choice.

And Listener Feedback is chock full of YOUR Zi-O face reactions!

*Important note: All we’ve seen at the time of recording is the face and upper torso. The rest of the recent reveals will be discussed… NEXT week! ^_^

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Episode 76 – “Emotional Orgasm” – 06.29.18

Dan & Faiz tear themselves away from binging Terrace House long enough to record a podcast! And we’ve got some exciting stuff this week. There are new Build Scans and along with them, a better look at Kamen Rider Zi-O’s silhouette!

Build 41 sees Evolt having an emotional awaken of sorts, and in 555 24, PunchHopper is a bunny. That’s right. A demonic bunny.

And in Listener Feedback, we discuss what YOU guys are looking forward to seeing in those upcoming Zi-O reveals!

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