Episode 48 – “Dragon Feet” – 09.11.17

DestinyAmber helps Dan welcome the “Best Match Boys” in style as we begin the experiment that is Kamen Rider Build! She also tells us of her recent trip to Japan World Heroes, in particular the exciting opportunity to meet one-half of Kamen Rider W himself, Renn Kiriyama!

Gel up your hair, and leave your fly unzipped, because Build episodes 1 & 2 are a crazy ride! We’ve already got our favorites, and there’s so much to speculate about (namely that smoky, leather chap, Night Rogue!)

We end with Feedback, and YOUR opinions of Build’s opening chapters, and we even hear from one particular supreme empress who is absent from this week’s podcast! *bunny emoticon*

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0:57 – Opening

13:47 – Happy Birthday (Ryusei Yokohama)!

22:21 – News

33:57 – Spoiler Train!

39:23 – Build 1

1:35:47 – Build 2

2:17:55 – Listener Feedback

Watch along with us! Kamen Rider Build 1 & 2

Destiny Amber’s Links





Links Discussed

Tetsuya Iwanaga strip-tease

Ryusei Yokohama DVD trailer


‘Kamen Rider: Climax Fighters’

Extended Trailer & Localization

Hiroki Iijima Releases First Photobook

Fullbottle Specs & More Terms

Spoiler Train!

Winter Movie Filming

More Fullbottle Sets

Night Rogue Henshin from Ganbarizing

We welcome your thoughts and comments about the podcast, the episodes discussed, and our weekly discussion topic!

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