Episode 49 – “Werther’s Originals” – 09.22.17

Faiz dips her toes into the Build water as she and Dan bring you a podcast that goes off the rails, even for us. No huge news stories, but lots of small stuff, so it’s time for a rapid-fire news roundup!

Our appreciation for our new friends deepens in Build 3, and you can never go wrong with tiny orange bird bullets.

It’s Feedback where we really get loopy. I guess your Fullbottle combos just really bring it out in us! There are a few choice phrases we’d love to bring up here… but they’re a bit risqué, so you’ll just have to hear for yourself.

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0:58 – Opening

17:31 – News

43:17 – Spoiler Train!

50:44 – Build 3

2:05:26 – Listener Feedback

Watch along with us! Kamen Rider Build 3 – Over-Time & GenmCorp


CSM Kaixa Driver & Gear

Hiro Mizushima’ Daughter’s Kabuto Figure

Eiji Takigawa Injured on Yowamushi Pedal Set

Den-O Movie Director’s Cut Blu-Ray

Renn Kiriyama/Masaki Suda Cover

Shōma Kai Cast in Live-Action Manga Adaptation

Ex-Aid ‘Smart Canvas’ Watches

Build Fashion Line-Up on Premium Bandai

Build Themed Hotel Room & Kyuranger

Kamen Rider Actor Boyfriend Survey

Spoiler Train!

Fullbottles shown in OP

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