Episode 50 – “Crotch Rivets” – 09.30.17

Here we go again, kids! Amber (TokuSwag) forgot about her visit to Kamen Rider Black’s steakhouse when she was recently in Japan, so she’s back to tell Dan all about it! There have also been Build scans, possible rumors, toy reveals, and even Sentai trademarks to briefly touch upon!

Build 4 continues to ramp up the intrigue as we wonder what that hot cafe dad Souichi could possibly be plotting.

Finally, you have lots of tasty ideas in Feedback as we dream up delectable Rider Diner creations!

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0:56 – Opening

10:34 – Happy Birthday (Erika Mori)!

13:32 – News

26:14 – Spoiler Train!

39:58 – Build 4

1:20:39 – Listener Feedback

Watch along with us! Kamen Rider Build 4 – Over-Time & GenmCorp

Amber’s Links


Railler Subs – Amber’s Kiva Subs


Patoranger & Lupinranger Trademarks Filed

Climax Fighters English Version Pre-Order & Portraits

S.H. Figuarts Build RabbitTank Revealed

Genm w/ Shakariki Sports

S.I.C Gaim Kachidoki Arms & Zangestu

Premium Bandai “Snap Ride Builder’

Full PV, ‘Be the One’ – Pandora feat. Beverly

Spoiler Train!

Build October Scans – Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4

Blood Stark Identity Revealed?!


Ex-Aid Movie Trilogy Casting Updates

Para-DX Spinoff Scans

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