Episode 51 – “Night Stalk” – 10.11.17

Please welcome back Alan (Kamen Rider Glover) to the show, as he joins Dan to talk about a PLETHORA of new Build scans, revealing new forms and characters, as well as that Heisei Generations FINAL trailer that’s been the talk of the town!

Mystery and plot kicks into high gear in Build 5 & 6 as we meet possibly the grossest character (Icky Teeth Man Part 2?), as well as the greatest character (noisy robot dragon boy)!

Continuing our ongoing speculation about the identities of the Build baddies, we’ve asked for YOUR theories in Listener Feedback!

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1:03 – Opening

12:28 – Remembering (Ryuji Saikachi)

14:52 – News

17:52 – Spoiler Train!

42:09 – Build 5 & 6

1:32:24 – Listener Feedback

Watch along with us! Kamen Rider Build 5 & 6


Voice Actor Ryuji Saikachi Passes Away

Kiva Blu-Ray Release

Premium Bandai OOO Medal Holder

Premium Bandai Den-O PC Cushions!

Spoiler Train!

‘Heisei Generations FINAL’ First Trailer!

Build Q2 Catalog Scans! – TokuNation BuildRiderNews

Ex-Aid Gashat Gear Dual Another

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