Episode 52 – “Vape Tricks” – 10.20.17

It’s the triumphant return of Faiz (the show AND the lady)! They dropped a new ‘Heisei Generations Final’ trailer on us right before recording, which gives us excellent excuse to have a chat about some returning gents, as well as those recent Build scans, and any other recent news.

We have a couple excellent listener emails which we’ve scattered throughout the show, as they pertain to the two series we’re talking about this week. In Build 7, they reveal one adversary’s identity, leaving us to further speculate about the other. And in 555 13, we finally comes face to face with the one true Kaixa. You’ve really stepped in it this time, Takumi!

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1:00 – Opening

19:30 – Happy Birthday (Taiko Katono)!

23:07 – News

34:06 – Spoiler Train!

56:00 – Build 7

1:51:22 – 555 13

Watch along with us! Kamen Rider Build 7555 13


Kamen Rider the Diner Halloween Menu

“One” Brand Kamen Rider Phone Cases

Yuria Haga’s Wedding Photos!

Ex-Aid Final Stage Show & Cast Talk

Den-O Converge Figures Complete Set

Spoiler Train!

New ‘Heisei Generations Final’ Trailer!

Some Preview Pics!

More Returning Characters!

Main Villain


That Undies Name Reveal…

Higher Quality Q2 Catalog Scans

RabbitTank Sparkling

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