Episode 53 – “Hugging Dudes” – 10.30.17

What are the odds that TWO regular podcast guests named Amber would BOTH travel to Japan this year? Pretty good I guess, as DestinyAmber returns with HER tales. She did some shopping, went to multiple stage shows, and actually had a cameo in a *secret* thing! More on that later. Oh, and Dan went to a convention. 😛

Build 8 all but confirms our theories about Stalk, while launching a whole new set of theories about Sento. And we finally get some quality Misora time in Build 9. SUCH a cute friend date!

Then in Listener Feedback, we learn which Kamen Rider actors you guys would most like to run into at a convention. Can I just meet Chase’s cats?!

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0:55 – Opening

35:04 – News

45:57 – Spoiler Train!

57:41 – Build 8

1:31:31 – Build 9

2:04:19 – Listener Feedback

Watch along with us! Kamen Rider Build 8 & 9


Destiny Amber’s Links






‘Kamen Rider City Wars’ Game Launches

Premium Bandai Rider 1 Bear!

S.H. Figuarts Ambassador Hell

First Look at ‘Rikuoh’

Costco Subs are subbing ‘Terrace House’

Spoiler Train!

Scans! – Build, Movie, & More Legend Forms

Build YouTube Specials

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