Episode 54 – “Honey Nut Feelios” – 11.10.17

With Build having taken the week off for (of all things) a relay race, it’s the perfect opportunity for Dan & Faiz to return to their Ghost roots and catch up with one of those movies we never saw! It’s not one of our favorites (through no fault of the cast), but them Ghost feels always get us.

Dan’s actually watched a few eps of Kabuto this week, so Faiz can once again warn him of the craziness to come. And it’s not a big news week, but we somehow find a way to talk at length, including those spoilery Build forms we’re looking forward to this month.

Finally, we were way past due naming our heart-headed bug-child, so we turned to YOU guys in Feedback for some help! ❤

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Obligatory Monsta X plug:

0:52 – Opening

13:24 – Happy Birthday! (Shouma Kai)

17:22 – News

37:19 – Spoiler Train!

47:19 – Ghost ‘100 Eyecons’ Movie

2:14:10 – Listener Feedback

Watch along with us! Kamen Rider Ghost ‘100 Eyecons’


Announcements Teased for Den-O & Black RX

Masaki Suda Discusses Plastic Surgery Rumors

Kaho Takada (Misora) Makes Gravure Debut

Discusses Her Role as Misora

Sota Fukushi in ‘Laughing Under the Clouds’

English ‘Climax Fighters’ Trailer & Secondaries


Spoiler Train!

Upcoming Toy Roundup – via Build Rider News

Theme CD

Build Christmas Form

Closer Look at Movie Baddies

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