Episode 55 – “1234 Grave St.” – 11.22.17

It’s Thanksgiving week here in the United States, so we’re celebrating everything about Kamen Rider (and toku in general) that makes you the most thankful this year! Plus LOTS of holiday food tangents…

Dan finished Kabuto this week, so we can have one of those patented, vague, spoiler-free Rider Love discussions about it for a minute. They also hit us with some Ex-Aid trilogy scans and details which need to be dissected.

And in the last two weeks worth of Build (10 & 11), it’s all about chains and dragons as Sento  loses almost everything and Banjo finally joins the 3.0 Club and Riders up!

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0:53 – Opening

9:30 – Remembering (Hiromi Tsuru)

11:18 – News

18:34 – Spoiler Train!

35:51 – Build 10

1:01:11 – Build 11

1:29:14 – Listener Feedback

Watch along with us! Kamen Rider Build 10 & 11


New Premium Bandai Build Fashion Items

Kamen Rider Black in ‘Climax Fighters’

Shun Nishime Starring in Stage Play

Ukyo Matsumoto is a Hooligan

Spoiler Train!

Brave/Snipe Trailer & Trilogy Synopses

New Forms & More Scans

Legend Fullbottles


Heisei Generations FINAL Scans

Spring Movie Rumors [GRAIN OF SALT]

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