Episode 32 – “Quality Beef” – 05.03.17

You know the drill by now. When Faiz and I haven’t talked for a while, things can get a little crazy. This week, it’s all about Taiga’s palm on Emu’s firm tush! But no, there’s lots of other stuff to talk about. There’s the fall of Nyaa, the first hints of the summer Ex-Aid movie, and some sparkling, delicious new Mountain Dew flavored scans! In Ep Discussion, it’s all about Ghost this week (39 & 40), and we have some opinions on Dark Necrom P. Plus there’s some awkward body-swapping and movie tie-ins. Feedback is quite girthy because everyone loves talking about hopes and possibilities for the next series. Gashit!

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The slap heard round the hospital:

0:00 – Opening

13:47 – Birthdays

19:58 – News

35:15 – Spoilery News

40:01 – Ghost 39

1:23:29 – Ghost 40

1:39:21 – Listener Feedback

Watch along with us! Kamen Rider Ghost 39 40 streaming


RIP Nyaa

Momotaros/Urataros Event Announced

Shooting Script for Ex-Aid Summer Movie

Amazons S2 Theme Release Details

Premium Bandai America Opens

Spoilery News

Clearer scans of upcoming suit

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One thought on “Episode 32 – “Quality Beef” – 05.03.17

  1. Uri Erickson

    I think it would be awesome to have a Kamen Rider series with the main protagonist being female. Even better if it were a mostly female cast.
    My idea for one would be the would be hero finds out, stumbles on a family secret that her family is a generation of Kamen Rider Legends. She becomes a Kamen Rider herself, then fights a unknown villain who is determined to destroy her, only later to find out that it is her long lost twin sister , she didn’t know she had and that was thought to be dead by her parents long ago and didn’t tell her about it. The driver device she has later finds out not only has a primary function but a secondary function. like that of the Double Driver but more importantly unlocks hidden feature because she is a twin.


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