Episode 34 – “Millennial Catnip” – 05.17.17

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Dan & Faiz brave thunder and an oncoming tornado (okay that might be overdramatizing it a BIT) to bring you another podcast!

This week we witness the “Final Battle” between Emu and M in Ex-Aid 30, as well as welcoming back our favorite tight-pantsed psychopath! In Ghost 43 & 44, as we near the end, Onari begins to question his usefulness to the team, which makes for some VERY over-the-top and entertaining moments. Finally, in Feedback, we’ll discover what historical figures you would choose for your own personal Eyecon collection.

0:00 – Opening

9:19 – Birthdays

13:36 – News

18:02 – Spoilery News

22:57 – Ex-Aid 30

1:00:21 – Ghost 43

1:28:22 – Ghost 44

1:51:27 – Listener Feedback

Watch along with us! Kamen Rider Ex-Aid 30 (streaming), Ghost 43 & 44 (streaming)


Sota Fukushi (Fourze) to Star in Drama

Ayumi Taguchi (from Black) Event Announced

Japanese CMs for Final Fantasy XIV: Dad of Light

Spoilery News

More Leaked Set Photos!

Alternate Summer Movie Teaser

SPOILERY Episode 32 Preview

We welcome your thoughts and comments about the podcast, the episodes discussed, and our weekly discussion topic!

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