Episode 61 – “Thomas Fujita” – 01.30.18

February starts with a bang as Dan & Faiz tackle a massive amount of News and Spoilers. Lots of little bits of news lead us into spoilers for Build, including new characters and new forms, plus trailers for that Rogue spin-off and the Amazons movie. It’s also the 15th Faiziversary!

Things are getting hazardous in Build 20 as we juuuust get a peak at that new form. More on that next time! And 555 episode 15 has us question Orphenoch physiology AND morality.

Then in Feedback, we find out what sorts of Kamen Riders tickle your fancy!

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1:02 – Opening

19:39  – News

37:40 – Spoiler Train!

54:18 – Build 20

1:42:52 – 555 15

2:09:32 – Listener Feedback

Watch along with us! Kamen Rider Build 20, 555 15

Links Discussed

Kenzaki’s Bracelet from Kamen Rider Blade

Gentoku’s Actor Speaking English in a Bar


2018 KR/Super Sentai Movie Line Up

‘Be The One’ Single Released

Testsuya Iwanaga’s First Photobook

IXA Actors Return for Kiva Anniversary

Ryosuke Miura & Kohei Takeda Movie

Tom Fujita in Japanese Beauty Magazine

Jin Takayama Busted by Twitter

Crow Names + (Potential Spoiler)?

Spoiler Train!

‘Rogue’ Spin-off Announced

Build Scans & More + RoseCopter

Amazons ‘Final Arc’ Movie Trailer

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