Episode 62 – “Gay for Science” – 02.10.18

Our other resident Amber (@tokuswag) joins Dan to catch up on shows, toys, and most importantly, Grease! News is filled with Kitties (of the Hello variety), and even MORE toys. Plus we’ve seen like a dozen new Build forms that we’re going to have to dissect on the Spoiler Train.

Build 21 was certainly a tough one to live through, but we’re able to find the fun. And it’s even EASIER with Part 1 of ‘Raising the Hazard Level’ where Sento and Utsumi get REAL excited!

And in Listener Feedback, we’ll all send Misora and Banjo on some friend dates and catch up on more past topics.

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00:51 – Opening

23:32  – News

45:21 – Spoiler Train!

1:04:26 – Build 21

1:38:40 – ‘Raising the Hazard Level’ Part 1

1:59:37 – Listener Feedback

Watch along with us! Kamen Rider Build 21, ‘Raising the Hazard Level’ Part 1

Amber’s Links


Railler Subs – Amber’s Kiva Subs

Links Discussed

Kamen Rider OOO Design from Faiz’s Redbubble Shop


555 X Hello Kitty Collaboration

Ryo Yoshizawa Stars in ‘Neko no Daku Mono’

Keep or Toss: Moms Wonder About Toku Toys

Spoiler Train!

Build Scans!

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