Episode 63 – “Beef Morphers” – 02.19.18

Who’s ready to get FUNKY?! Destiny Amber joins Dan to break down all the happenings in toku this week, including a lot of surprising Power Rangers news! We also give our initial impressions of the newest Super Sentai season, Lupinranger vs Patoranger, and Dan comes bearing his final thoughts on Kamen Rider Wizard.

Build episodes 22 & 23 do it to us again, hitting us right in those tender spots. But we do get to meet two new gents and feast our eyes on THREE lovely new suits!

Rounding things out with Listener Feedback we take a look at some of your toy collections, and discuss your methods of managing them.

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00:58 – Opening

06:37 – Wizard Final Thoughts

18:40 – Power Rangers News

27:59 – Lupin/Pato Initial Reactions

36:08  – News

47:57 – Build 22

1:06:21 – Build 23

1:34:49 – Listener Feedback

Watch along with us! Kamen Rider Build 22 & 23

Destiny Amber’s Links






TokuNet Interview w/ Renn Kiriyama

Masaki Suda Wins 2nd Award of 2018

Figure Rise Build RabbitTank

CSM OOO Medal Holder

SIC Gaim Ichigo Arms

SHF Shocker Combatmen

Hurricanger’s Nobuo Kyo in Amazons Film

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