Episode 64 – “Gentoku & the Funky Bunch” – 02.27.18

Faiz is back, and there’s so much to talk about! There’s Lupin/Pato, Beast Morphers, a 555/Kabuto double feature, Agito, and even a bit of Devilman Crybaby! We revisit some past fave actors in News, and on the Spoiler Train we look forward to some Build scans and movie teasers!

Gentoku’s really cracked as he enacts his plans in Build 24, and in 555 16, Kusaka’s… just vile.

Feedback this week takes the form of a short bit of listener-submitted fan-fiction! An exciting and touching little number. Won’t you join us?

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00:58 – Opening

23:09  – News

40:06 – Spoilers

49:54 – Build 24

1:23:53 – 555 16

1:45:14 – Listener Feedback

Watch along with us! Kamen Rider Build 24, 555 16


Ren Osugi (Ambassador Hell) Dies at 66

Amazons Manga Announced

Live-Action ‘Bleach’ Teaser Trailer

Masaki Suda Announces Debut Album

Taiki Yamazaki Releases Debut Single

Garren & Tusk Star in ‘Does The Flower Bloom?’

Spoiler Train!

Build Scans

Voice Actress joins Build

Summer Movie Teasers

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