Episode 65 – “Theories Galore” – 03.08.18

It’s a bit of a bite-sized Rider Love this week, as we only have the one new episode of Build. But Destiny Amber and Dan fill the time with chat about the week’s news, including peeks at upcoming Ex-Aid, Amazons, AND Rogue content!

Build 25 is jam-packed with surprises, whether it be Misora’s new powers and link to the Pandora Box, the Nanba Children, spy reveals, or an unfortunate character exit. Well, maybe that last one wasn’t a surprise. The discussion spurs lots of theorizing about what Mars, the Pandora Box, and many of our characters, are after.

And in Listener Feedback, we find out which Kamen Rider series have the best monster suits, in your opinion. ❤

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Check out Amber’s other guest appearances this week on Shuukan! (TokuNet’s Live Weekly News Show) and Sentai Signal (a new monthly Sentai podcast)!

00:47 – Opening

13:13  – News

21:07 – Spoilers

29:52 – Build 25

1:10:11 – Listener Feedback

Watch along with us! Kamen Rider Build 25

Destiny Amber’s Links






TokuNet Artist Feature: Megan Kelchner

Hiroshi Fujioka Searches for Wakanda

Ex-Aid Novel Announced

Amazons Movie Theme Song Announced

Spoiler Train!

Amazons: Final Judgement Trailer

Rogue Teaser Trailer

Jingi Irie Joins Lupinranger vs Patranger

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