Episode 66 – “Creepy Hibiki Lips” – 03.17.18

This week, TokuSwag joins Dan to talk about her initial Lupinranger vs Patranger thoughts, the fall of the titan that WAS Toys R Us, and what very well may become Amber’s regular Japanese entertainment update. News is full of Kamen Rider actors being cast in stuff, and there has been a lot Hibiki goings-on, which is perfect for Amber!

Build 26 kicks off a second battle arc, reveals a predictable traitor, and mooshes two boys together. Raising the Hazard Level is also still a thing, and Part 2 happened. That’s about it.

In Listener Feedback, we make time for you to pimp some of your other favorite podcasts, toku or otherwise. But really Dan just wanted an opportunity to gush about his new podcast obsession. It’s scandalous!

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1:00 – Opening

32:20  – News

55:29 – Build 26

1:31:05 – ‘Raising the Hazard Level’ Part 2

1:39:51 – Listener Feedback

Watch along with us! Kamen Rider Build 26 & ‘Raising the Hazard Level’ Part 2



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