Episode 78 – “Zi-O Jamboree” – 07.20.18

It’s our favorite podcast of the year! And not only because it’s the anniversary of Faiz’s birth. The Kamen Rider Zi-O toy scans are here, and we spend over an hour talking through it in obsessive detail, as well as getting YOUR thoughts on Zi-O in Listener Feedback! We also discuss Build 44, and Dan pressures Faiz to lick things live on the internet!

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Episode 77 – “Craving Salisbury Steak” – 07.10.18

Peyton’s back! And this time it’s with Dan AND Faiz! We speed through all the stuff we’ve been watching (OOO, Stronger, Agito, Ultramen Mebius & Lube) to get to the important stuff, Kamen Rider Zi-O’s face!!*

In Build 42 & 43, Sento becomes just one of a long line of Riders with daddy issues, even within his own series, and Gentoku finally settles on a reasonable (yet still hilarious) fashion choice.

And Listener Feedback is chock full of YOUR Zi-O face reactions!

*Important note: All we’ve seen at the time of recording is the face and upper torso. The rest of the recent reveals will be discussed… NEXT week! ^_^

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Episode 76 – “Emotional Orgasm” – 06.29.18

Dan & Faiz tear themselves away from binging Terrace House long enough to record a podcast! And we’ve got some exciting stuff this week. There are new Build Scans and along with them, a better look at Kamen Rider Zi-O’s silhouette!

Build 41 sees Evolt having an emotional awaken of sorts, and in 555 24, PunchHopper is a bunny. That’s right. A demonic bunny.

And in Listener Feedback, we discuss what YOU guys are looking forward to seeing in those upcoming Zi-O reveals!

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Episode 75 – “Greasy Rainbows” – 06.20.18

THIS week on Rider Love, Dan & Faiz are here! It’s been a week… but what else is new? Dan’s watched the Ex-Aid ‘Another Ending’ Trilogy, Faiz got consumed by E3, and we’ve BOTH become obsessed with Terrace House!

Unfortunately, there was a death in the Build crew this week. That kicks off quite a big slate of news, and that leads into taking a look at that Zi-O silhouette teaser! He’s bald. Maybe. AND there are rumors! And you know how much we like those.

Build 39 & 40 feature creepy Utsumi, CREEPIER Gentoku, and all the mushy bro love you can handle. And in 555 23, Kusaka crosses a line. I’m going to go watch more Terrace House.

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Episode 74 – “Takumi Squared” – 06.05.18

Faiz is back from MomoCon! She had a blast and we’re ready to dive back into some Kamen Rider. BUT FIRST, let’s talk a little about shipping, shall we? There’s some casting and product news, along with just the tiniest morsel for the next series. Honestly, just confirming that it exists basically. Hopefully more next time?

Build 37 & 38 give us a whole slew of sexy new repaints, boys in other boys’ clothes, beat up gents, and they try to craft Kuroto Dan 2.0. Will they succeed? We’ll see! And speaking of shipping, 555 22 has more confessions and love triangles than you can shake a stick at.

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Episode 73 – “Don’t Be a Dick, Be Decade” – 05.26.18

TokuSwag’s back with Dan this week, and we both watched Heisei Generations Final! You’ll get our first impressions of that before we jump into this week’s Kamen Rider news including some toys, death threats, and scans (spoilers)!

Build 36 gives us the low-down on Evolt, some bonding time for Gentoku & Kazumin, and ends with an adorable albino rabbit Sento! And we finally wrap up ‘Raising the Hazard Level’ with Part 3. Sento rides his bike with a shark!!

Our Feedback Topic this week gets to your thoughts on arrests and scandals involving Kamen Rider. It’s a pretty serious subject, and it’s been coming up a lot. So HOPEFULLY this is it for the time being, and we can get back to our normal happy and positive ways. ❤

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Episode 72 – “More Slappin, Less Flappin” – 05.16.18

Dan & Faiz convene once again to discuss the latest Kamen Rider news, including toys, some more Summer movie rumors, and ANOTHER actor arrest!

Build 35 is basically end of the world. I’m sure it’ll be fine… And 555 20 & 21 present us with the greatest way a Rider has gotten a power-up ever!

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Episode 71 – “No One Threatens Chaco” – 05.09.18

Can you believe it’s been TWO YEARS to the day since Episode 1 of Rider Love?! It’s been quite the journey, in Kamen Rider and in life. We have so much exciting stuff to cover this week, including Build 34, 555 19, some rumors for the Build summer movie, and most importantly, the trademark for the next Rider series has apparently been revealed! We’ve also got YOUR feedback about what sorts of games you’d like to see with a Kamen Rider theme!

It’s going to be an exciting summer, and we can’t wait to make Year 3 of Rider Love the best one yet!

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Episode 70 – “Thot Thot Thot” – 05.01.18

Get ready to be very VERY jealous of DestinyAmber, because SHE appears as a background extra in the Genm vs. Lazer V-Cinema!! We talk all about the filming experience, a brief interaction with the actors, and exactly how close DID she get to Kiriya…? Dan finally watched Chou Superhero Taisen, and we’re excited for Ultraman R/B! Oh, and there’s a LOT of Kamen Rider news as well.

Build 32 & 33 flippity-flop the script on us a bit. We don’t know who’s good and who’s bad anymore. We DO know who’s in Martian Club, and it’s for sure this Evol bitch.

We carry Amber’s film cameo experience through to Feedback as we find out which Kamen Rider scenes YOU’D like to appear in!

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Episode 69 – “Milk on Your Bagpipe” – 04.21.18

Be prepared! We are immature children and this week it’s episode 69… nuff said. TokuSwag and Dan talk through the Kamen Rider news of the week, as well as some Super Sentai and Ultraman things we’re excited about!

Build 30 & 31 bring us into the Cube and into Banjo’s mama’s special places! Have mercy.

And THEN, in Listener Feedback, it’s a first! Dan is joined by none other than Lady Faiz! We catch up and then read through the infamous Kamen Rider Blade “Milk Fic”, which we’ve turned into a hilarious game of MadLibs with the help of our listeners. Strap yourselves in as we lose our crap with delight!

Read along with our MadLibs HERE.

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