Episode 149 – “Of-sama” – LOST EPISODE

So here’s the thing. We’re back, sort of. We’ll explain next episode. THIS podcast was recorded back in November of 2020, and I just never got around to finishing it. So please enjoy a lot of out-of-date news and horrible Saber speculation. We do cover Saber eps 8, 9, & 10; but it’s been so long, who can remember what happened?

We love you all, and we’ll catch up for real very soon.

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Obligatory Monsta X plug:

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Podcast Update

Message from Dan:

Hey Rider Lovers. Obviously it’s been a bit since we’ve released an episode, and I wanted to pop in and give you an update. I don’t have to tell you this has been a difficult year, and as we’re nearing the end of it, I’m realizing just how burned out I am by everything. Because of this, the podcast will be taking an extended break. I need to relax, recharge, and refocus my attention for a while. We hope to rejoin you before TOO long in on form or another. Thank you as always for your support.

Episode 148 – “Ninja Gremlin Child” – 10.28.20

This week on Rider Love, there’s a lot of Gaim stuff happening right now for some reason, and Saber’s getting an awesome new Rider with an awkward Wonder Ride Book! Speaking of which, in Saber 6 & 7, we discuss our complicated thoughts on where the series is headed. And Den-O 26 continues its convoluted path to the movie.

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Episode 147 – “Distracted by Thighs” – 10.08.20

This week on Rider Love, we get DestinyAmber’s thoughts on Kamen Rider Saber so far. In episode 5, we add Espada to our growing list of Riders, as well as officially learning who his papa is! Then we return to the DenLiner after quite a hiatus with Den-O 25. It’s a confusing one, but it’s all in the lead-up to their first movie!

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Episode 146 – “I Think About Vore a Lot” – 09.30.20

This week on Rider Love, Dan & Faiz go on off-topic rambles about (among other things) Power Rangers and video games! But don’t worry, we give Saber 4 its due, and happen upon an impressively-buff winged lady. There’s also a rumor floating around on the Spoiler Train about Caliber’s identity, which we’re very hopeful is true… And finally, we’ll learn what children’s stories YOU hope Saber include in Listener Feedback!

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Episode 144 – “Procrastination & Validation” – 09.09.20

This week on Rider Love, it’s time to rack open a new book and see where the story takes us! Dan & Faiz have a blast discussing Chapter 1 of Kamen Rider Saber, and even though we didn’t get a lot, what we got shows a lot of promise. And it wouldn’t be a premiere episode without YOUR thoughts in Listener Feedback!

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Open your mind for Wonho:

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Episode 143 – “It Sure Did End” – 09.03.20

This week on Rider Love, Kamen Rider Zero-One has breathed its last, so we’re prepared to send it out with a bang! The series ran into quite a few roadblocks this year. Did they manage to stick the landing? We debate that and more in our discussion of episodes 44 & 45. Then it’s time for the annual Rider Love Awards ceremony, in which we celebrate the best aspects of the series based on votes from YOU. And finally, we learn your thoughts on Zero-One as a whole in Listener Feedback!

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Episode 142 – “Brains Are Awesome” – 08.26.20

This week on Rider Love, it’s our penultimate Zero-One podcast covering episodes 41, 42, & 43! Things take a turn, and there are a few tough moments in this batch, but it’s balanced by some very powerful performances. We’ll also check out some more recent cast reveals for Kamen Rider Saber, and discover that the Japanese remake of ‘24’ has some faces we recognize!

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Dreamcatcher’s powerful comeback:

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2020 Rider Love Awards!

Screen Shot 2018-08-13 at 7.50.30 PM

With Kamen Rider Zero-One quickly coming to an end, it’s time once again for YOU to vote in the annual Rider Love Awards! Simply vote for your favorite characters, Rider suits, attractive men, etc. Then tune into our Zero-One finale podcast where we’ll announce the winners for each category!

Keep in mind, it was a bit more difficult to slot characters into a clear “hero” or “villain” category this year, and they seem to feel the need to introduce new forms right up until the end. So while we made an attempt, we’ve included a blank space to include your own answer.

Voting will end at Midnight EST on Monday, August 31st. VOTE NOW

And don’t forget, we’ll also need your responses to the Listener Feedback question: What are your final thoughts on Kamen Rider Zero-One as a series?” which will be posted on our Twitter following the finale. You can also submit your more long-winded responses to our Email.