Episode 10 – “Ex-Aid Overload” – 07.20.16

Dan & Faiz dive deep into the recently revealed Ex-Aid poster and toy catalog scans. We get a little Zyuohger in our Kamen Rider this week with Ghost episodes 23 and 24, and have an unexpected new Rider appear at the end of Faiz episode 10. Our feedback section is chock full of our listeners’ initial Ex-Aid reactions as well as their feelings on the topic of magazine scans and spoilers in general.

03:10 – Ex-Aid News

19:08 – Kamen Rider Ghost Episodes 23 & 24

56:58 – Kamen Rider Faiz Episode 10

1:26:30 – Listener Feedback

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Ex-Aid Vinyl Figure

Ex-Aid Officially Revealed – Plus Brave & Snipe

Ex-Aid Plot Translation

Fully Translated Ex-Aid Toy Catalog

New Kamen Rider Details Revealed in 2 Weeks

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