Episode 14 – “Kinky Fetish Clones” – 09.14.16

Dan & Faiz return to podcasting after a short break! Shun Nishime’s tasteful nudes are discussed as well as all the Ex-Aid stuff we’ve missed over the last month. We refamiliarize ourselves with Ghost in episodes 30 & 31, followed our listeners’ favorite main Rider suit designs!


09:48 – News

34:50 – Kamen Rider Ghost Episodes 30 & 31

1:18:48 – Listener Feedback

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Watch along with us! Ghost 30 31 streaming


Shun Nishime’s Photobook Released

Uchuu Sentai Kyuranger Trademarked

Ex-Aid Cast & Crew Confirmed at Press Conference

1st Ex-Aid Trailer

1st Ex-Aid Promo & Theme Clip

Ex-Aid Magazine Scans

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Theme song provided by Eric Skiff through Creative Commons License. For more great 8-bit tunes visit www.glitchnyc.com/music


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