Episode 21 – “Sweaty Cake Knight” – 01.28.17

It’s episode 21 and the podcast is finally legal! 😛 To celebrate, Dan is joined by Amber (@tokuswag) to discuss the wine-themed one-off special Kamen Rider G as well as her love of the associated long-running boyband SMAP. We get a bit of a resolution to last week’s Ex-Aid cliffhanger in episode 14, find out YOUR favorite one-off Riders, and there’s also a ton of news to discuss!

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0:00 – Opening

15:28 – News

19:50 – Spoilery News

35:10 – SMAP Discussion

53:53 – Kamen Rider G

1:22:24 – Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Episode 14

1:51:04 – Listener Feedback

Watch along with us! Kamen Rider G download streaming Ex-Aid 14 streaming


Toei Hero World Closes

Daichi Miura’s Ex-Aid Opening Tops Oricon Music Charts

Spoilery News

Brave & Snipe Spinoffs Announced, Brave Trailer, & A Lil More Info

February Episode Titles, Ex-Aid Level 4, & McDonald’s Commercial

Scans of Upcoming Brave & Snipe Forms

We welcome your thoughts and comments about the podcast, the episodes discussed, and our weekly discussion topic!

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Theme song provided by Eric Skiff through Creative Commons License. For more great 8-bit tunes visit www.glitchnyc.com/music


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