Episode 46 – “Construction & Congestion” – 08.26.17

Fresh back from her recent trip to Japan, Amber (TokuSwag) is here to regale us with tales of her travels! Unfortunately, she caught a cold upon returning home, Dan’s allergies inexplicably got worse and worse throughout the podcast, and Amber’s landlord thought it was the PERFECT time to rebuild the apartment downstairs, so PLEASE bear with us. 😛

We talk about *possible* future Ex-Aid stories (this news was just being hinted at and had not fully broken at the time of recording), as well as Amber’s anticipation for Kamen Rider Build.

Ex-Aid 43 brings us RIGHT to the edge of the finale, and offers up some heart-wrenching Taiga drama, but also fosters conversation about what could/should have been done with Nico.

And with Ex-Aid coming to an early conclusion, we ask about the ideal length of a Kamen Rider series in Listener Feedback.

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0:52 – Opening

44:57 – Happy Birthday!

48:27 – News

54:54 – Spoiler Train!

1:12:39 – Ex-Aid 43

1:44:00 – Listener Feedback

Watch along with us! Kamen Rider Ex-Aid 43 (streaming)

Amber’s Links


Railler Subs – Amber’s Kiva Subs


Complete Selection Modification Kaixa Gear

Toshiki Seto’s First Photobook

Spoiler Train!

Ex-Aid ‘Another Ending’ Trilogy?!

More Build Info from Toei

LionCleaner Audio

Glittery Fullbottles w/ Chocolates

Santa Clause Fullbottle

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