Episode 57 – “Sento Soda & Eiji Milk” – 12.20.17

Faiz and Dan have had quite a year, and this week has definitely been no exception. The beginning of the podcast is a little bit of a downer, but we promise we’re here to have some fun and be as kooky and scatterbrained as we always are. There have been some recent Kamen Rider movie developments, fun new OOO designs, and Build scans to give us a tasty taste of some of the upcoming happenings.

Speaking of Build, in episodes 14 & 15, there secret reveals and confirmations galore. Let’s just hope Toei does us better THIS Christmas than they did last year…

And yeah, it’s that holiday time of year, so we asked our listeners what Kamen Rider goodies they’d love to receive under their tree and/or other holiday totem.

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1:12 – Opening

9:47 – News

24:57 – Spoiler Train!

33:44 – Build 14

1:09:11 – Build 15

1:32:17 – Listener Feedback

Watch along with us! Kamen Rider Build 14 & 15

Links Mentioned

SelfWork w/ Dr. Margaret Rutherford



Kamen Rider Amazons Movie Announced

‘Super Hero Taisen’ Films Discontinued

CSM OOO Belt w/ New Medal Combos

LupinRanger vs PatoRanger First Look

Spoiler Train!

Good look at a new Rider! & Actor

Build Toy Scans

Genm/Lazer Trailer Released

We welcome your thoughts and comments about the podcast, the episodes discussed, and our weekly discussion topic!

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