2020 Rider Love Awards!

Screen Shot 2018-08-13 at 7.50.30 PM

With Kamen Rider Zero-One quickly coming to an end, it’s time once again for YOU to vote in the annual Rider Love Awards! Simply vote for your favorite characters, Rider suits, attractive men, etc. Then tune into our Zero-One finale podcast where we’ll announce the winners for each category!

Keep in mind, it was a bit more difficult to slot characters into a clear “hero” or “villain” category this year, and they seem to feel the need to introduce new forms right up until the end. So while we made an attempt, we’ve included a blank space to include your own answer.

Voting will end at Midnight EST on Monday, August 31st. VOTE NOW

And don’t forget, we’ll also need your responses to the Listener Feedback question: What are your final thoughts on Kamen Rider Zero-One as a series?” which will be posted on our Twitter following the finale. You can also submit your more long-winded responses to our Email.


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